About Us

Hi, I’m Krista McCullough. I am the owner and operator of Hello Sunshine, LLC!

Eric, Krista, Paige, and Cowboy

       I have owned and cared for a wide variety of animals my entire life. I started out my working career in 2003 in a library. Throughout the years, I did some pet sitting on the side for friends & family and volunteered for local animal shelters and rescues. As my love for working with animals grew, I started researching ways I could take care of pets for a living. I was immediately drawn to the pet sitting field, and wanted to help fill the high demand for in-home pet care in my area. I quit my full-time job in October of 2014, and opened Hello Sunshine in November 2014.
With a lengthy background in customer service, I know and understand the keys to keeping pets and their owners happy. Excellent communication, ability to follow detailed instructions, honesty & trustworthiness, and a genuine passion for my field of work are some of the pillars that keep my company going strong.
        There is nothing in the world more satisfying to me than pet sitting. I love building a relationship with my clients. Watching shy or skittish pets opening up and trusting me. Seeing those happy tails wagging and cute little faces smiling up at me when I walk in the door. Knowing that their owners have one less worry on their minds with their pets in good hands. Making a difference in the lives of people and their pets. It’s a wonderful feeling, and fuels my passion for taking care of pets every day!
        I am married to my husband Eric, who is also a part of Hello Sunshine as a part time sitter. I am blessed to have a life partner who shares my love of animals. We live with our two dogs, Cowboy and Paige, and a parrot named Bella. When I am not visiting my client’s pets, I enjoy reading, nature photography, hiking, and playing with my pets!